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ps.apk. SHA256: a3215cfbb827b4af0d06ed4b732f0833e45f7b6b62268ece152716c4566d071d.eot.Android 5.1.1  Android 5.0.2  Android 5.0  Android 4.4.2  Android 4.4.4.apk.MD5: SHA-1: Android Police found a root exploit on it before (click here to read the full story), but Google removed it. Then, the site XDA Developers found a second, hidden one. Both of these exploits work by opening a specially crafted file and then asking the system to download and execute a.exe-like payload that contains some sort of exploit. RID is a new text-to-speech engine that Google just made public. It’s primarily designed for Android Wear, but there’s no reason Google couldn’t use it to replace the Speakup and Google Now voice output engines. For example, if you wanted to use RID for your Android Wear watch, all you’d have to do is enable the voice output mode from your watch’s settings and run RID. Google hasn’t yet formally announced that it’s using RID, but the code is hidden inside of Android 4.4.2 that came out in September. It could be that Google doesn’t want to officially let us know that it’s using RID until it can make it’s own announcement. But, they could just as easily be hiding RID inside of a future version of Android — or Android Wear. Android 5.0.2 is the last version of Android that will have the old “Google Now” voice output engine. Google says that it will retire the old Speakup engine, but it seems like it’s just giving users a few more weeks before they’re removed from Android altogether. Google is pushing out a new update for the



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